ShellShock Live Wiki

Helping Hand[]

Helping Hand.jpg
A basic team death match round. This time, you get a friendly bot to help you out.

Bingo Bango Bongo[]

Bingo Bango Bongo.jpg
Another one of those tricky bumper shots. Trial and error is the way to go. If the player has ghostlets, it is highly recommended to restart until the player has a ghost bomb.

Hot Hot Hot[]

Hot Hot Hot.jpg
Thought to be one of the most infuriating missions among players. The only weapons granted are flame and napalm, along with their upgrades. The player is advised to use caution as the bots have a chance of shooting firestorm, which can take a sizable chunk of the player's health. Upgrading napalm to firestorm can greatly help out in this mission.


Snowball is introduced in this mission. Shoot the two targets, and the snowball should roll down the hill and finish off the bots down below.

We Have Liftoff[]

We Have Liftoff.jpg
The jetpack item is introduced. Shoot the lower target, then fly over the ledge to shoot the remaining target.

Davids and Goliath[]

Davids and Goliath.jpg
This mission is a basic juggernaut game. The one difference is that the player should not die in order to beat this mission.

Direct Deposit[]

Direct Deposit.jpg
The only weapons granted here are stream and upgrades. As the player shoots in various angles, the bumpers should funnel the water into the separate columns. Upgrading stream to tsunami can greatly help in this mission.

Bounce House[]

Bounce House.jpg
The amount of bumpers is abusive in this mission. Because bots have no regard of anything in their way, they tend to hit themselves with all of the bumpers. Simply shooting over the leftmost bumper every turn can result in a victory.

Tear Down This Wall[]

Tear Down This Wall.jpg
Flattener is introduced here. Shoot the pillars at the base for easier difficulty at shooting the target afterwards.

The Magician[]

The Magician.jpg
A basic boss battle. This bot has the ability to use teleport items, which can mess up shots quite easily.