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Target Frenzy[]

Target Frenzy.jpg
A true sight to behold, the player has to hit 36 targets using Three-Ball and its upgrades. It is advised to not only attempt to hit targets while shooting upwards, but also making sure the shots can hit some more on their way down. This mission can be made much easier by utilizing the increased projectiles in the upgraded versions. If the player has unlocked it, simply shooting a Twentyfive-Ball straight up can hit most if not all targets in a single shot.

Banana Boat[]

Banana Boat.jpg
The mission that will make everyone go bananas. The only weapon fired here is Banana and its upgrades. Try to land direct hits, as the banana fruit deals the most damage. Firing in higher angles is recommended for its upgraded versions to lessen the chance of missing a banana due to the spread this weapon has.


Another weapon themed mission, the only weapons available are the straight-shooting guns, otherwise known as Glock, M4, and Uzi along with their upgrades. Attempting to hide behind a hill is useless here since a direct line of sight is required to land damage with these weapons. A little bit of luck is needed as well since the bots still use normal weapons, which may lead to them getting stuck in a hole due to accidental friendly fire.

Bounce House[]

Bounce House2.jpg
Bring all the luck you have and more. The only weapons allowed here are Bouncy Ball and its upgrade Super Ball. With up to 7 balls bouncing around, only luck can tell who's safe and who's not. Due to the nature of the weapons, there is not much strategy since the player has little control of what is about to happen. Even if the player somehow manages to never get hit by any of the flying balls, there is a shot limit, meaning the player also needs to focus on killing the bots as well as staying


Another trickshot mission. Trial and error prevails here as well as some luck. Since the player has more than one shot, hitting the targets with separate shots can be easier than trying to hit all in one shot.

Anonymous Autonomy[]

Anonymous Autonomy.jpg
Drones are introduced. Due to the location of the enemies, the player can only utilize the drones waiting for them to do damage. Weapons that travel across the ground can also be used, but cannot be fully relied upon. A drone will only do around 20 damage, so hitting multiple drones with a single shot is recommended. Although the player has unlimited shots, the bots will always use Earthquake or its upgrade, meaning the player only has as long as their health can last.

Doors to Nowhere[]

Doors to Nowhere.jpg
The most trial and error a mission can get. Since there is no telling which portal leads to which, the player can only guess. The fastest path is through the orange portal in the two portals that are visibly overlapping each other. The player needs to aim it so the shot can enter the orange portal in left circle bumper after exiting through the blue one. Finally, the shot will exit into the right circle bumper where the bot is located. With proper aim and luck, the shot will rebound a few times and eventually hit the bot, completing the mission.

Forced Sabotage[]

Forced Sabotage.jpg
This mission makes use of the three projectiles ejected from a destroyed tank. Since the player has no control of where these projectiles go, some luck is needed. To make things easier, the player needs to at least destroy all the bots on the right side after the first shot. If the ones on the left side are not all destroyed, follow-up shots can finish them off.

Hole Vaulting[]

Hole Vaulting.jpg
As the name suggests, the player needs to utilize the black hole in this mission to make their shots jump over the high bumper wall. Since the weapons used here are Rapid Fire and its upgrades, there is some leeway if the player does not get it exactly right. The player can also move around a bit if they feel that their current position does not give them a good enough angle.

Covert Ops[]

Covert Ops.jpg
The mission all about using a knife and being a covert assassin. Unfortunately, stealth is not a thing in Shellshock Live, so the bots will still shoot the player. Since only shank and its upgrades are allowed, the player needs to get close to the bots in order to destroy them. It is slightly recommended to utilize the upgrades more since they offer longer reach and less chance of taking damage from the projectiles shot out of destroyed tanks.