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A gear

Gears are the currency with which you buy everything that is sold in the Gear Shop. They can NOT be acquired with real money in any way, they are the games functioning in-game currency like gold, coins etc. found in other games. They cannot be directly traded, but you can choose to wager up to 3 at a time in matches.

Gears can be acquired in multiple ways[]

What shows on the screen when gear drops for the first time.

  • Getting lucky on the daily wheel, which you can spin once every day after you win a match, meaning the end screen says "Victory". You can win 100 gears, 10 gears, 3 gears, 1 gear and sadly, nothing.
  • Shooting a gear box. Sometimes a box with a gear symbol will float in the air. The player that will hit the box will get 5 gears for himself as well as drop 1 for everyone else.
  • If a player has a "Bounty" arrow above them he will drop 3 gears upon death, obtainable by any enemy player. If he survives multiple turns, 1 gear will spawn, visible only to the player with the bounty and the player's allies.
  • Anytime an enemy is hit there is a chance a gear will spawn. The gear is visible to everyone but the player it came from or the player's allies. There can only be 1 gear spawned this way per team and round with the chance preset. Weapons such as flame, shrapnel, and black hole which hit many times are good for earning gears.

Additionally, if you were one of the first to play the game you got a 500 Gear boost as a thank you. This was limited to the first few players, as it was a single time event.

The gears that spawn in a match fly away from where they spawned in random directions and more importantly are influenced by explosions, so they can easily get knocked out of the map if you are not fast enough. They will disappear after a couple of seconds on their own, so aim at them and aim fast. If weapons explode near them and launch them out of the map, they won't come back. Black hole and flasher are prone to this due to their nature.

To collect gears, simply move the cursor on them when they appear.

Additional uses[]

Aside of them acting as an in-game currency, certain challenges require the player to acquire a set number of gears.