ShellShock Live Wiki
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Items allow players a little extra help when they need it. Initially obtainable from crates that spawn during a match, items can now be bought using 25-100 gears (Gear.png) in the shop after the v1.0 update, along with adding 2 new items that can be used infinitely.



Instead of firing your weapon, use Overcharge to boost the damage of your next shot. Overcharge can be used an unlimited number of times, but the effects will not be stacked. Overcharge is useful if you don't currently have a great shot, or want to make that Sniper in your arsenal really count next turn.


Overcharge Damage Boost: 25%



Use Fortify to hunker down and take less damage next turn. Similar to Overcharge, it takes the place of firing your weapon. Fortify can also be used an unlimited number of times, but the effects will not be stacked. Balance the utility of increased defense with Fortify, or increased damage with Overcharge to decide which to use.


Fortify Damage Reduction: 25%



This item moves your tank to a random location on the map. Use with caution, as it can cause you to teleport right in the middle of your enemies. Currently the upgrade's purpose is unknown. Costs 25 gears in the shop.

EMP Blast[]

EMP Blast.png

Stops enemy tanks from moving for 1 turn. Also randomizes the direction their gun is facing on the targets turn, at higher levels the radius becomes larger and it can last longer. Costs 50 gears in the shop.

Radius is (40PU/48PU/56PU/70PU)

Supply Drop[]

Supply Drop.png

Drops a package with a small arsenal of 5 random weapons which you have already unlocked. Higher levels add bonus luck to the items provided, meaning the supply drop will give *generally* better weapons at high level, each level also increases the amount of weapons dropped with the formula (4+level). Costs 25 gears in the shop.

Jet Pack[]

Jet Pack.png

Allows you to travel to a certain spot within a short radius. Great for getting to spots you can't get to with low traction. Higher levels of this item can allow for slightly further travel. Costs 25 gears in the shop.

Aproximate ranges: 65PU/70PU/75PU/80?PU (sphere)



Protects you from taking any damage as weapons just bounce off of you for 1 turn. There is also a 5 turn cool down between uses. Upgrades seem to increase the size of the bubble slightly. A handful of weapons can bypass shields and still damage tanks. These consist of all tiers of Drone, Earthquake, Ringer, Shank, Shockwave, Partition, Laser Beam, Zipper, Taser, Sniper, Banana, Battering Ram, Dead Riser, Driller, Moles, Needler, Penetrator, Pinpoint, all the straight-shooting guns, Shrapnel, Throwing Star, Torpedoes, Tunnel Strike, and Relocator. Costs 100 gears in the shop.

Starts at 25PU and grows (around) 3PU per level in size, it has no other benefit.



Traces out a path of where your shot is going to land for a few seconds. Great for checking to make sure your shot will land. Takes wind into account, but not portals or bumpers. It can trace only one specific shot per use (specific power and angle) and it can't be used for underground shots, so be careful before using it. Upgrades increase the duration it remains on the screen by roughly 0.5s. Costs 75 Gears in the shop.