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This is the future page for Chapter 6 of ShellShock's Single-Player Campaign

Get Angry[edit | edit source]

Get Angry.jpg Mad birds is introduced. Simply shoot the tanks and the bumper to complete this mission. Furious birds and livid birds can be helpful.

Split the Difference[edit | edit source]

Split The Difference.jpg Ghost bomb is used here. With the large explosion radius it provides, players should aim between the groups to beat this mission.

Mountain Goat[edit | edit source]

Mountain Goat.jpg Another bot 1v1. One thing to note is that the portals off to the sides are there permanently and do not disappear.

S Curves[edit | edit source]

S Curves.jpg Test your skills with tunneler. If the player has at least one tunnel strike, a restart is a must because tunnel strike does not work like the other upgrades and is unable to hit the tanks. Although hitting the tanks with torpedoes is possible, a restart is recommended so the mission can be completed in an easier fashion.

Battleshield[edit | edit source]

Battleshield.jpg Another 1v1 with a bot. However, this bot can use shield items, making it extremely annoying to fight. There is a handful of weapons that can penetrate shields, and the payer is highly encouraged to save those weapons until the bot activates shield.

Two Shot Finch[edit | edit source]

Two Shot Finch.jpg The tracer item is introduced. Tracer gives an outline of your would-be shot's trajectory and landing spot, making it useful for direct hit weapons. Guess an angle and power, use a tracer, adjust, and fire. Alternatively, the player can use both tracers to ensure a hit and simply mirror the shot for the other side.

Partitions[edit | edit source]

Partitions.jpg The teleport item is introduced. A luck-heavy factor is used here, as teleport may not work to the player's liking every time. Other than that, the mission is pretty straightforward.

Poseidon[edit | edit source]

Poseidon.jpg This is one of few bot battles where the bots have a weapon restriction. Poseidon only shoots tsunamis, making this battle an easy one.

Hades[edit | edit source]

Hades.jpg With Poseidon out of the way, Hades is coming to take you on. Hades only shoots inferno, making this mission even easier than the last battle.

Mt. Olympus[edit | edit source]

Mt. Olympus.jpg Seems like the gods have reported you. The player now has to take on Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus. Zeus only shoots 2012, which can be fairly powerful at times. Priority should be set on Zeus, then Poseidon, then Hades.