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Maps are the areas in which battles take place. There are a variety of different shapes and sizes to capture many different opportunities, advantages and strategies. From the map selection you can also select a randomly generated map, or a random map.

Depending on what map you choose, different XP modifiers may apply. Random and Generated maps grant a x1.2 XP multiplier, while pre-set maps can give values between x1.1 and x0.8 XP for the match (Shown in bottom right corner of a map in the selection screen). If a map has no value attached, that means it has the default XP multiplier (x1.0).

Below are all the currently available maps.




Map Name Map Image
Default 1.2x Random
Random Map Thumbnail.png
Default 1.2x Generated
Generated Map Thumbnail.png
Default 1.0x Throwback
Throwback Thumbnail.png
Default 1.0x Sabotage
Sabotage Thumbnail.png
Default 1.0x The Uprising
The Uprising Thumbnail.png
Default 1.0x Lob-land
Lob-Land Thumbnail.png
Default 1.0x Tough Terrain
Tough Terrain Thumbnail.png
Default 1.1x Hazard
Hazard Thumbnail.png
Default 0.8x Lowlands
Lowlands Thumbnail.png
Default 1.0x The Divide
The Divide Thumbnail.png
Default 1.0x Pulsation
Pulsation Thumbnail.png
Default 1.0x Trench Warfare
Trench Warfare Thumbnail.png
Default 0.9x Plateau
Plateau Thumbnail.png
Default 1.0x Breaker Bubble
Breaker Bubble Thumbnail.png
Default 1.0x Crater Valley
Crater Valley Thumbnail.png
Level 3 1.05x Shell City
Shell City Thumbnail.png
Level 5 1.0x Stunted
Stunted Thumbnail.png
Level 7 1.0x Obelisks
Obelisks Thumbnail.png
Level 9 1.0x Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang Thumbnail.png
Level 11 1.0x Quiver
Quiver Thumbnail.png
Level 13 1.0x Terrace
Terrace Thumbnail.png
Level 15 1.1x Torpedo Trauma
Torpedo Trauma Thumbnail.png
Level 17 1.0x Steppings
Steppings Thumbnail.png
Level 19 1.0x Turbulent
Turbulent Thumbnail.png
Level 21 1.0x Stutter
Stutter Thumbnail.png
Level 23 0.95x Exponential
Exponential Thumbnail.png
Level 25 1.0x Dispersed
Dispersed Thumbnail.png
Level 27 1.0x Sparse
Sparse Thumbnail.png
Level 29 1.0x Rugged
Rugged Thumbnail.png
Level 31 1.0x The Sacrifice
The Sacrifice Thumbnail.png
Level 33 1.0x The Ledge
The Ledge Thumbnail.png
Level 35 1.0x Flames
Flames Thumbnail.png
Level 37 1.05x Base Camp
Base Camp Thumbnail.png
Level 39 1.1x Hell
Hell Thumbnail.png
Level 41 1.1x Blocky
Blocky Thumbnail.png
Level 43 1.0x Overthrow
Overthrow Thumbnail.png
Level 45 1.0x Yellow Brick Road
Yellow Brick Road Thumbnail.png
Level 47 1.0x Sparta
Sparta Thumbnail.png
Level 49 1.0x Wreckage
Wreckage Thumbnail.png
Level 51 1.0x X-Ray
X-Ray Thumbnail.png
Level 53 1.0x Guerrilla
Guerrilla Thumbnail.png
Level 55 1.0x The Plunge
The Plunge Thumbnail.png
Level 57 1.0x Ups and Downs
Ups and Downs Thumbnail.png
Level 59 1.0x Scattered Remains
Scattered Remains Thumbnail.png
Level 61 1.0x Ascension
Ascension Thumbnail.png
Level 63 1.05x Moated
Moated Thumbnail.png
Level 65 1.0x Hump Day
Hump Day Thumbnail.png
Level 67 1.1x Game of Thirds
Game of Thirds Thumbnail.png
Level 69 1.0x Nightmare
Nightmare Thumbnail.png
Level 71 1.0x Riemann Sum
Riemann Sum Thumbnail.png
Level 73 1.0x Disturbance
Disturbance Thumbnail.png
Level 75 1.1x The Arcs
The Arcs Thumbnail.png
Level 77 1.0x Take Cover
Take Cover Thumbnail.png
Level 79 0.9x Knock-Out
Knock-Out Thumbnail.png
Mission 1.0x Uphill Battle
Uphill Battle Thumbnail.png
Mission 1.1x Cityscape
Cityscape Thumbnail.png
Mission 1.0x Warrior Wells
Warrior Wells Thumbnail.png
Mission 1.0x Stronghold
Stronghold Thumbnail.png
Mission 1.0x Razorburn
Razorburn Thumbnail.png
Mission 1.0x Hilly Hills
Hilly Hills Thumbnail.png
Mission 1.0x Slippery Slope
Slippery Slope Thumbnail.png
Mission 1.0x The Nip
The Nip Thumbnail.png
Mission 1.0x Pidgeonholes
Pidgeonholes Thumbnail.png
Challenge 1.0x Impact Mountain
Impact Mountain Thumbnail.png
Challenge 1.0x Quarry
Quarry Thumbnail.png
Challenge 1.1x Sniper's Nest
Sniper's Nest Thumbnail.png
Challenge 1.0x Crack of Dawn
Crack of Dawn Thumbnail.png
Challenge 1.0x Cliffhanger
Cliffhanger Thumbnail.png
Challenge 0.9x Flatlands
Flatlands Thumbnail.png
Challenge 1.1x Narrow Peak
Narrow Peak Thumbnail.png
Challenge 1.0x The Arena
The Arena Thumbnail.png
Challenge 1.0x Stadium
Stadium Thumbnail.png
Gear Shop 1.0x Reptile
Reptile Thumbnail.png
Gear Shop 1.0x Elevation
Elevation Thumbnail.png
Gear Shop 1.0x Siege
Siege Thumbnail.png
Gear Shop 1.0x Capped
Capped Thumbnail.png
Gear Shop 1.0x Wavy
Wavy Thumbnail.png
Gear Shop 1.0x Atlantis
Atlantis Thumbnail.png
Gear Shop 1.0x Chiseled
Chiseled Thumbnail.png
Gear Shop 1.0x Mountain Goats
Mountain Goats Thumbnail.png
Gear Shop 1.0x Pride Rock
Pride Rock Thumbnail.png
Gear Shop 1.0x Spores
Spores Thumbnail.png