ShellShock Live Wiki

Dmicon2.png Deathmatch[]

Good Ol' Deathmatch: Eliminate all of the enemy tanks to win, this is the default mode of the game with an XP multiplier of 1.3.

Pticon2.png Points[]

Go For High Score: Deal the most amount of damage to enemy tanks to win. Damaging yourself will result in loss of points equal to damage caused, xp is reduced in this mode (with a multiplier of 1.0), hitting multiple targets at close range generates even less xp, it does not have a defined multiplier as actual XP earned varies considerably.

Asicon2.png Assassin[]

Pick them off, one by one: Destroy the target tank, you won't do any damage to non-targets. Be careful as someone wants to assassinate you too. No two players will be able to target each other until they are the only two left remaining on the field. Kills generate double kill XP. Playing this game mode over time will unlock the weapon hidden blade. If you kill your target via explosion and your next target also happens to be in the area of effect, they will be hit as well. This mode has an XP multiplier of 1.45.

Jgicon2.png Juggernaut[]

All For One & One For All: The Juggernaut has a high amount of HP. Destroy the Juggernaut before the Juggernaut can destroy you, killing the juggernaut grants double kill XP, winning as juggernaut gives an xp multiplier. This mode has an XP multiplier of 1.3, the standard multiplier.

Rbicon2.png Rebound[]

Test Your Skills: Bumpers spawn every round. Only shots that hit the bumpers count for damage, this mode generates a larger amount of xp if you either get lucky or spawn on a somewhat flat map as all hits grant another 5XP. This mode and Vortex mode share the highest mode multiplier in the game, 1.6.

Chicon.png Charge[]

I Need Power: Gain power by dealing damage to enemy tanks. You lose power by taking damage. each round, all of the tanks earn 2KWH, this prevents games from taking an enormous amount of time, however dealing damage to yourself will permanently lose KWH, this mode receives slightly reduced xp. The XP multiplier is 1.1.

Mmicon.png Marksman[]

Test Your Accuracy: Hit the target on the screen to stay alive. Miss once and you die. Target becomes smaller over time. Last man standing wins, hitting a player after hitting the target grants another 5xp, as the target reaches half its original size, hit xp increases to 2, at minimum size, target hits earn a flat +3xp. The XP multiplier of this mode is 1.3.

Scicon.png Shoccer[]

Shellshock League: Team with the most goals wins! Scoring a goal directly earns +10xp, "assisting" a goal will generate 5xp, hitting the ball will earn 1xp per round regardless of how much you hit the ball, no player damage or weapon xp available. This mode has an XP multiplier of 1.1.

Vxicon.png Vortex[]

Thinking with Portals: The portal equivalent of rebound, only shots that pass through a portal deals damage. Unlike other modes, up to 5+ pairs of portals can spawn at once, each linked to each other based on their size. The XP multiplier of this mode is 1.6.


One Weapon:[]

All players start the game with a single weapon, and receive one per turn. Crates, supply drops and tank souls still give weapons, and you are allowed to carry more than one weapon at a time. Enabling this mod will significantly increase the xp modifier.

Level Field:[]

Forces all players to have the same weapons, items and tank upgrades as the lowest player in the game. Reduces the xp modifier (to 0.9), but is useful for high and low level players to fight together.


Name Description Options
Type The team style of the selected game mode. The options being two opposing teams and every tank for themselves, respectively. -Team Battle

-Free For All

Players The number of players per match. Only even numbers are allowed in standard team games. Min: 2

Max: 8

HP/Battery Capacity/Turns If available, this is used to set the length of a match. HP (Hit Points) is the base amount of damage a tank can take before destroyed. Battery Capacity is the amount of charge needed to be collected by one player to win. Turns indicate the number of rounds allowed before the match ends, most points win. HP: 100-600

Battery Capacity: 200-600

Turns: 5-30

Wind Implements a random amount of shot drift per turn if enabled. The settings level will determine the highest wind value possible. -None: 0

-Low: 20

-Med: 50

-High: 100

Shot Type The number of players allowed to fire per round. Either only a single player, a whole team, or all players at once. -Single



Friends Only If active, blocks all players who are not on your steam friends list from joining.

[CURRENTLY BUGGED] Players who select quick join may appear in your game regardless of this setting.

-Yes: Active

-No: Disabled

Turn Time The amount of time (in seconds) players are allowed to take in locking in their shot before being skipped. If a player is skipped for three turns consecutively, they are considered AFK and kicked. Min: 20

Max: 60

Shot Tracer Gives players a dashed line indicating the path of their last shot, if enabled. -On


Items Allows players to use items on their turn, if enabled. -On


Max Lvl Diff The greatest difference between player levels from the host that are allowed to join. Min: 10

Max: Any

Choose Wep Lvl Allows players to select their weapon level fired from all that are available to them. In other words, if you upgraded sinkhole to area strike, you can use either sinkhole or area strike. When disabled, a weapon level will be randomly selected. Higher luck increases probability of higher level weapons being given.

[CURRENTLY BUGGED] If enabled, weapons received from crates air drops and tank souls will only be as high a level as the highest level the player has unlocked, regardless of the weapons indicated level at collection.

-Yes: Active

-No: Disabled

Atmospheric Nudge Shots fired at higher power will have less accuracy when enabled. This is typically only used to counteract ruler cheats. -On


Wage Gears The amount of gears players bet on the victory of the game. All gears waged will pool, and either go in full to the winner, or be divided among the winning team. Min: None

Max: 3

Obstacles Toggles how often map obstacles such as bumpers and black holes spawn. -Off [0%]

-Low [50%]

-Med [100%]

-High [200%]