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Moles Attack.png

Unlocked after reaching level 14

Your enemies won't expect an attack from below


When molehill hits the ground, it spawns a tunneler like projectile at a random angle with a low power. The angle is independent of how the shot landed, so a 90 degrees shot can result it curving away. Upon reaching the surface, a small hill is made, dealing 50 damage to anyone in the blast radius.
Weapon Attributes
Weapon Type Direct Impact
Damage 50
Effect Radius 20 (50PU)
Terrain Damage Yes
Self Damage Yes
Requirements Level 14


Similar to molehill, but spawns 3 "moles" instead of 1, each dealing 25 damage.
Weapon Attributes
Damage per Projectile 25
Projectiles 3
Effect Radius 18 (45PU)
Terrain Damage Yes
Self Damage Yes
Requirements 1,100 XP

Tips & Trivia

  • This weapon penetrates shields.
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