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Unlocked after finishing the "XP Accumulator" Challenge

For Halo nostalgia.


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The Needler sprays 15 pink needles all over the place and after some delay explode one after another. They need to be directly next to or on an enemy to do damage. The weapon damage scales along with distance; its minimum damage is low enough to chunk tank health at close range, while its maximum damage and spread is high enough to make it a viable mid-range weapon.
Weapon Attributes
Weapon Type Direct Impact
Damage per Projectile 5-10, scaling with distance
Projectiles 15
Terrain Damage None
Self Damage Yes
Requirements Finishing "XP Accumulator" Challenge

Dual Needler[]

Going akimbo for more projectiles is always the way to go. Dual Needler adds 5 projectiles, but does 1 damage less at close range, increasing the minimum damage from 75 to only 80, but increasing the max damage from 150 to 200. The mid range sweetspot mentioned before makes this weapon a devastating choice.
Weapon Attributes
Weapon Type Direct Impact
Damage per Projectile 4-10, scaling with distance
Projectiles 20
Terrain Damage None
Self Damage Yes
Requirements 2,300 XP

Tips & Trivia[]

  • On average, a Needler can be expected to be a reliable 100 damage weapon.
  • It rewards long distance shots with 10 damage per projectile, leading to a potential 150 damage. The payoff for close range is hitting with all projectiles, doing far less damage but doing at least 75 damage with reliability.
  • The Needler is great in all situations and excels at spraying down on a group of enemies long range as well as mid range shots, since the highest damage lies in the sweet spot of far enough for extra damage and close enough to be accurate.
  • To minimize the spread of Needler/Dual Needler you want to shoot at an angle that is closer to 0. The reason for this is because Needler varies in power when shot rather than angle. This makes 45-degree angle shots ineffective at minimizing spread. Shooting with a weapon that varies in power at 45 degrees will actually cause it to spread out the most. At more horizontal angles the spread is minimized because changes in power change less in the trajectory. (This can be tested by firing straight up in the firing range. If you fire a spread weapon straight up and it comes straight back down it only varies in power.)
  • Using a minimized spread at a range of about 1 aim-circle with Dual Needler you can usually ensure around 180+ damage with a max gun.
  • It is also possible to hit all projectiles over a very long range using portals. If you are moved over a very long distance (by either, hitting a teleport box or being hit by a relocator) you will also be able to get 10 damage per projectile.
  • This weapon penetrates shields.