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This is the future page for Chapter 7 of ShellShock's Single-Player Campaign.

Finding Curves[]

Finding Curves.jpg Chunklet is introduced. Chunklet fires a large projectile with a smaller hitbox. The player has to aim carefully in order to hit all targets in a curve. This mission also requires moving, so upgrading tracks may help.

Variety Show[]

Variety Show.jpg This mission tests your skills with a variety of weapons. The player should use each weapon like how it was intended to be, ex. digger to dig down at the target under the ground.

y = mx + b[]

FunctionMission.jpg Another bot battle, except this time they are hiding behind bumpers, requiring different strategies than before. It is ,however, relatively easy to hit the bots and this mission should not be too hard to complete.

Winter War[]

Winter War.jpg Whenever we think cold and winter, everyone thinks Russia for some reason. This is another battle with teammates and it is pretty straightforward.

Get Lucky[]

Get Lucky.jpg Clover is introduced. Clover relies a lot on luck. If the player is lucky, damage done is comparable to that of a sniper shot. If the player is unlucky, they will deal 5 damage maximum. 6 shots and 2 tanks mean 3 shots for each one.

Over and Back[]

Over and Back.jpg A really hard trickshot to perform, trial and error is recommended, although going with 95 power at 42 degrees to the left should hit both targets,


Crowded.jpg Oh god. All these bot players and the developers think it is a good idea for everyone to shoot one at a time! This mission is a big battle and is easy to complete, as long as the player does not take too much friendly fire.


Lobsided.jpg This mission requires the player to destroy all opposing tanks with the help of a bot-teammate. Tanks shoot one at a time and all have a lot Health, making this mission last for a very long time. Take out all enemies with all your combined strength to finish this mission.

Hover Hour[]

Hover Hour.jpg Hover-ball is introduced. When fired, hover-ball travels like normal until it hits the apex of its arc. At that point, hover-ball turns off gravity for a second before falling like normal. To complete this mission, the player needs to make sure the top of the shot's arc is lined up with the targets to hit all of them.

Be Accurate[]

Be Accurate.jpg This boss battle is almost like a joke. The player is only provided with sniper (and the amount of snipers given ranges between 4 and 12, where anything below 9 is not likely to kill) and its upgrades, requiring precise aim. On the upside, the player is also given many items, notably a bunch of tracers. To compensate, Zurg has 1000 hp and uses normal weapons. Other than that, proceed like normal. If the player wants, one can spend shields first, then battle like normal. When the boss is nearly dead, spam the rest of the items to gain uses for them.