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Unlocked after reaching Level 44

Tanks don't like water. Rust damages them internally. Then what better way to attack your enemies, than by summoning a rain-cloud right above them?


W Rain Icon.png
A blue flare is launched from the tank. It causes a storm cloud to appear above it, and lots of small rain drops fall from the cloud.
Weapon Attributes
Weapon Type Flares
Damage per Projectile 3
Projectiles 30
Terrain Damage None
Self Damage Yes
Requirements Level 44


When your enemies meet the freezing embrace of this hail, they will want to find shelter, but there will be none. Hail increases damage to more than double from rain, but halves the number of projectiles rained down. The question is, what is colder? This weapon or the heart of its user?
Weapon Attributes
Weapon Type Flares
Damage per Projectile 7
Projectiles 15
Terrain Damage Yes
Self Damage Yes
Requirements 1,400 XP

Tips & Trivia[]

  • Similarly to Pinpoint and God Rays, this weapon's projectiles disappear when they come into contact with a tank, creating a splash on the ground directly beneath where the projectile disappeared. As a result, if a tank is on a wall and is not touching any of the ground directly beneath them, this weapon's projectiles will almost never hit them.