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This is the future page for Chapter 3 of ShellShock's Single-Player Campaign.

90 Degrees[]

90 Degrees.jpg Another bot battle, except that the map is more square than normal.

Rainy Day[]

Rainy Day.jpg Rain is introduced. With the bumper there, simply shoot the flares in front of you and the rain droplets will bounce off to hit the tanks.

Sharp Shooting[]

Sharp Shooting.jpg True to its name, accuracy is a must here. With no explosion radius, the player needs to be real careful with their shots in order to pass the mission. Smartsnipe can aid in aiming.


Fireworks.jpg Fireworks is introduced. The two x2 buffs are there permanently, so don't worry if you miss. Note: the 4 tanks are fighting bots and will shoot you if they are not killed. If the player has pyrotechnics, shooting between the two center tanks is good enough to complete the mission.


Suicide.jpg No fuel and a tiny target. But if you shoot the target, the bumper will bounce it right back. What can you do? Open up the list of weapons you have and shoot either breaker or upgrades or a sweeper if the player has it.

Dingo Ate Your Baby[]

Dingo Ate Your Baby.jpg Boomerang is introduced. Boomerang curves very sharply in the air, which is what the player needs to do in order to pass. 2 boomerands are given, so a test shot can be used first to test angles.

Thinking With Portals[]

Thinking With Portals.jpg Portals are introduced. Portals work exactly like one might think, teleporting shots from one to the other. Shots maintain the same power and angle that they had before entering the portal.


Shifty.jpg Portals are now deployed in combat. Because bots don't account for portals when shooting, this battle should be easy.

Carnival Toss[]

Carnival Toss.jpg One-bounce is used here. The trick here is to shoot the ground and have it explode on the hill. It is highly recommended to beat this mission before the player has acquired any of the upgrades. Any of the upgrades make the mission significantly harder to beat because the shot will not detonate on the hill. At least 2 one-bounces are recommended for this mission.

Heavy Hitters[]

Heavy Hitters.jpg Unlike other boss battles, this one features two. Like before, higher levels mean more weapons and somewhat higher accuracy.