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Unlocked after finishing the "Victor" Challenge

It's 'a me, ShockShell!


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Perhaps the most obvious wordplay, ShockShell is a great weapon. It is almost a guaranteed 35 damage, depending on who is in the way. When shot at a high power it can do an arcing short distance jump, during which it can be influenced by x2, targets etc. and can even jump above players. As soon as it hits the ground it goes on to infinity and beyond until it either hits a tank. An enemy tank stops it and takes damage, while friendly tanks do not, even though it also stops the shell. If there are no alive tanks in the way, the shell simply glides out of the map. Because of its infinite lifespan on the ground, it will pass through any bumpers in the way as well. Firing at 90 degrees doesn't lead you anywhere, as well as firing too steeply into the ground. The weapon will only deal damage to you if it hits an enemy standing right next to you, so even firing with 0 power is safe. If an enemy is at 35 health or lower, or hiding behind a bumper, shock him with this shell.
Weapon Attributes
Weapon Type Rollers
Damage 35
Effect Radius
Terrain Damage no
Self Damage yes
Requirements Finishing "Victor" Challenge

ShockShell Trio[]

For those who think one shell is not enough, this weapon shoots 3 shells instead of 1! They have reduced damage, but deal more total damage. Since there are 3 shells, you can destroy an enemy with one shell and have the rest hit more enemies.
Weapon Attributes
Weapon Type Rollers
Damage per Projectile 15
Projectiles 3
Effect Radius
Terrain Damage No
Self Damage Yes
Requirements 3,600 XP

Tips & Trivia[]

  • The ShockShell will be absorbed by a black hole if its path is obstructed by the center of a black hole.
  • Although it is extremely hard to do, it is possible to block a ShockShell using a weapon that builds land. One would have to time their shot to land exactly where a ShockShell fired from their opponent would be by the time their projectile gets there. On top of this you would have to know your opponent is firing a ShockShell.