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Double Rainbow[]

Double Rainbow.jpg
Just like the title says, the player is granted 2 rainbows or mega-rainbows. Shoot the target and land the rainbow projectiles on the tanks, killing them.

Fire vs. Water[]

Fire vs. Water.jpg
The battle of the elements. The player is put on the water side with only stream, fountain and their upgrades. The fire side has only flame, napalm and their respective upgrades. Shooting the stream weapons at a 45 degree angle can let most if not all the projectiles hit on one place, allowing great damage output.


Fighter jet is introduced. The jets guarantee hits on the tanks, killing them. As long as the player hits the targets, the jets should do the rest, completing the mission.

Fiesta Forever[]

Fiesta Forever.jpg
Another infamous mission among players. The player is only granted pinata and fiesta if it is unlocked. Due to the fact that pinata is fairly random and does not deal a lot of damage in most cases and that bots shoot their normal weapons, the mission can be very hard to beat. Fiesta is highly recommended and x2 buffs are extremely helpful.

Day at the Beach[]

Day at the Beach.jpg
Seagull is introduced. Simply firing at 100 power at a moderate angle should land a few hits. By tweaking aim based on previous shots, the mission should be completed easily.

30 Rocks[]

30 Rocks.jpg
Just like the title says, the player has a lot of stones and upgrades, totaling 30 shots. With the x2 buffs and a bit of luck, this mission should not be too hard to beat.


This mission is pretty interesting to watch. 2 three-balls or upgrades are granted. By shooting into the funnel, the shots randomly bounce around hitting the targets. It is recommended to use the upgrades as more shots mean easier completion.


A standard team death match, this time set to all shot mode. 500 hp means a lot of destruction and chaos. Try not to be targeted by the enemy bots and this mission should be somewhat easy.

Skill Shots[]

Skill Shots.jpg
Time to put your weapon skills to the test. The hoverball should get the three targets above the bumper, the roller covers the two targets and the tank on the hill, the grenade goes into the pit with the exposed target, the breaker hits the two tanks that are side by side, the digger hits the target to the left of the two tanks, and the tunneler hits the target that is deep underground. Note: should the player have excavation, it is recommended to retry the mission until the player is granted something other than excavation.

Final Boss[]

Final Boss.jpg
The last battle of all. The player is pitted against master tank with 2 of his minions. The player has several items to aid them in their battle. Two main strategies can be used. Either aim for master tank first and take it out, which limits the bots to weapons unlocked at level 50 and below, or kill the two minions first and reduce the amount of damage taken every turn.