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Shooting Star Attack.png

Unlocked after reaching Level 72

Make your enemies see the stars!


W StarFire Icon.png
Shoots 6 stars one by one with a bit of spread. The stars have a small explosion radius, allowing for slight misses. The damage is distance based.
Weapon Attributes
Weapon Type Direct Impact
Damage per Projectile 8-18
Projectiles 6
Explosion Radius 6*6(15 PU)
Terrain Damage Yes
Self Damage Yes
Requirements Level 72

Shooting Star[]

Pray to your lucky stars that this weapon hits. A star shaped flare is shot. Upon resting, a huge star flies downwards into the screen and crashes into the ground, dealing a good amount of damage. However, shooting star can land in a large variety of places. The flare that you shoot only marks the general area of where the star lands. In fact, it is somewhat rare for the star to land where the flare rests, so a miss with the flare is not really a bad thing.
Weapon Attributes
Weapon Type Flares / Direct Impact
Damage 110
Explosion Radius 18 (45 PU)
Terrain Damage Yes
Self Damage Yes
Requirements 2,000 XP

Tips & Trivia[]

  • Similar to weapons like Synclets and Needler, StarFire's spread is caused by each shot having a varied power. This weapon is best used at low angles and high power to minimize the spread.