ShellShock Live Wiki
Solar Flare Attack.png

Unlocked after reaching Level 48

Harvest the destructive energy of the sun itself.


W Sunburst Icon.png
As simple as it is, a direct shot from a Sunburst can be deadly. Shooting shiny rays of sparking sun outwards in a circle, this weapon is best used on enemies on flat land or elevated peaks. Upon Impact, Sunburst will burst out 24 seperate projectiles, that will then come back to their origin, damaging your unlucky foes. Damage for this weapon is distance based.
Weapon Attributes
Weapon Type Direct Impact
Damage per Projectile 3-8
Projectiles 24 in a circle

1 every 15 degrees

Terrain Damage None
Self Damage Yes
Requirements Level 48

Solar Flare[]

The upgraded Sunburst works just like the original, with an addition of long-range sparks. Shot together with the ones that come back, these will instead travel straight until they hit something, or disappear due to timeout, as they will bounce off the edge of the screen, similar to Seagull or Bouncy Ball. If you manage to hit any of these your enemies will receive 30 damage - enough to bring them out of the dark side.
Weapon Attributes
Weapon Type Direct Impact / Straight Shot
Damage per Projectile At Impact - 3-8

Far away - 30

Projectiles 24 of each type

1 every 15 degrees

Terrain Damage None
Self Damage Yes
Requirements 1,700 XP

Tips & Trivia[]

  • The initial shot from this weapon can hit tanks, but the flares it creates can only hit terrain.
  • If this weapon is aimed directly at the tank, many flares will pass through the tank before hitting the terrain, resulting in lower damage.
  • This weapon is best aimed slightly to the side of the tank, such that the initial shot hits the ground instead of the tank. This is because the flares can only hit terrain and not the tanks. Hitting the ground next to the tank allows all the flares to converge in a way that will hit the tank.
  • 150+ damage using Solar Flare against a single target.

    Although the chance is rare, Solar Flare can achieve 150+ damage on a single target if they are on a narrow pillar of land, similar to the pillar that Wall creates. To achieve this, you must aim Solar Flare slightly below the target. Additionally, the place where the initial solar flare lands must be higher than any of the terrain on the map. This shot is somewhat precise.