ShellShock Live Wiki

Sitting Duck[]

Sitting Duck.jpg The first mission and tutorial on the most essential parts of the game i.e. moving and shooting. To complete the mission, simply destroy the red tank.

Double Duty[]

Double Duty.jpg Instead of one tank, the player now has to take down two of them. Destroy them and the mission will be complete.

Splitting Hairs[]

Splitting Hairs.jpg Splitter is introduced. If the reader has not read the splitter weapon page, splitter is a weapon that, well, splits in the air. The mission only requires the tanks to be destroyed, meaning the player does not need to destroy both at the same time.

Target Practice[]

Target Practice.jpg Targets are introduced. Targets appear in both single and multiplayer matches. In singleplayer, the player has to hit all targets with a projectile to pass the mission. In multiplayer, targets are the core of the marksman gamemode. Shoot the target to pass the mission.


Split.jpg As mentioned earlier, all targets have to be hit to pass. With only 2 shots, the player has to be careful to hit a target with every shot in order to pass.

Peak Perfection[]

Peak Perfection.jpg Stream is introduced. By playing around with the angles and power, this mission should be easy. Note that river can make things slightly harder. If the player happens to have tsunami unlocked, they can easily complete this mission with one shot.

They Shoot?[]

They Shoot.jpg The very first bot battle. Any bots with names and a level are able to shoot. The level determines what weapons they can use and what accuracy they have. A few things are to be noted about shooting bots. First, the level of the bot determines what weapons they might shoot and the chance of them being upgraded. Second, bots have no regard for bumpers, portals, x2 buffs, and black holes meaning they will not use them to their advantage. Third, unlike other missions, bot battles provide the player with unlimited shots, so no worry there.

Double Teamed[]

Double Teamed.jpg After defeating one, the player is now pitted against two bots. It should be noted that enemy bots will always have more health than the player, so landing hits every turn is crucial for success. In this case, the individual bots have less health than the player, but the total health combined is more than the player.


Priorities.jpg The first mission to feature both targets and shooting bots. It is highly recommended to take out the bot first before shooting the target. Make sure to have at least one weapon to use for the target.

Challenger Approaching[]

Challenger Approaching.jpg The first "boss" fight. These boss bots tend to be higher level than the bots in other missions and tend to boast noticeably more health than the player.