ShellShock Live Wiki
Taser Attack.png

Unlocked after reaching Level 93

Zap your enemies to death


W Taser Icon.png
Shoots a yellow and a blue projectile. When both projectiles hit the ground, a blue bolt in the form of a straight line will be created between the projectiles. The bolt goes through terrain, tanks, bumpers, and everything else, and does 75 damage.
Weapon Attributes
Weapon Type Impact Effect
Damage 75
Explosion Radius ?
Terrain Damage No
Self Damage Yes
Requirements Level 93

Heavy Taser[]

Similar to Taser, but creates a yellow bolt instead of a blue bolt. The bolt is slightly wider than that of Taser, and it does 85 damage.
Weapon Attributes
Weapon Type Impact effect
Damage 85
Terrain Damage No
Self Damage Yes
Requirements 5,700 XP

Tips & Trivia[]

  • If the player listens closely when the bolt forms, a faint thunder sound is heard. The same sound is played when the bolt weapons activate their effects
  • When taser was first released, there was a bug that caused it to deal no damage in rebound, even if the two projectiles have already hit a bumper
  • The Taser and Heavy Taser ends will fire ~5.7 angles to the left and right of a normal shot. When shot at 100, 84 the Taser ends will not hit you, however, the Heavy Taser ends will hit your tank due to the increased area of effect of the Heavy Taser.
  • An effective way for skilled players to aim this weapon is to move your aim bar to the left and right 6 angles to get a general feel of where the ends will land.
  • You can easily aim this weapon if you're near a hilltop or on barely sloped ground; by aiming at high angles so that one of the taser balls hits the ground in front of you, while the other flies towards the enemies.
  • The ends of both taser weapons can collide with enemy tanks.
  • When either end of a taser hits a tank or the ground, the center of that end turns black.
  • This weapon penetrates shields.