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Travelers Attack.png

Weapon buyable in the shop for 250 Gears

Have your enemies question where this weapon will travel to next!

Travelers[edit source]

W Travelers Icon.png
Travelers is an RNG weapon that is heavily reliant upon luck. Upon impact 5 yellow arrows split and travel in seemingly random directions. The arrows deal constant damage as long as they are on top of an enemy tank. Damage is distance based.
Weapon Attributes
Weapon Type Impact Effect
Damage per Projectile 2-8 per ingame tick over the AOE
Projectiles 5
Terrain Damage None
Self Damage No, unless near the enemy tank
Requirements Shop Buyable

Scavengers[edit source]

Scavengers is a more vicious version of travelers. After the 5 arrows split up and fly away, 5 more arrows appear, dealing even more damage. Those that are unfortunate enough to be at the edge of the map when hit by this weapon has a good chance of losing 100+ health.
Weapon Attributes
Weapon Type Direct Impact
Damage per Projectile 2-5 per ingame tick over the AOE
Projectiles 10
Terrain Damage None
Self Damage No, unless near the enemy tank
Requirements 3,400 XP

Tips & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The spawned arrows will slow down slightly upon hitting an enemy.
  • The weapon's high reliance on randomness can cause it to do anything from 12 damage to 150+, with no way of predicting which it'll be. The closer the shot lands to the center of the enemy tank, the more likely it is to do large damage (due to the above bullet point).
  • Although an especially rare occasion, shooting this weapon in a circle bumper with an enemy in the middle can result in 300+ damage.
  • With a hit-rate of 10Hits/s and a duration of 8s, Scavengers can inflict up to 2000 damage on a single target. On seven players, with a Triple-Damage-Buff, All-Crit and Overcharge, this weapon can deal 105,000 damage in a single shot. This is the highest damage possible for a single shot in this game.