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This is the future page for Chapter 2 of ShellShock's Single-Player Campaign.


Rebound.jpg Bumpers are introduced. Bumpers are pink in color and can take on both line and circle shapes. Any shots that hit bumpers will be deflected off of them, awarding extra experience if the player lands a hit with the rebounded shot. Because of the bumper overhead, play with the angles of the bumper on the left to complete this mission.


Skirmish.jpg Another bot battle featuring three enemies. Take them out like other battles and complete the mission.


Pedestals.jpg This mission features targets and puppet bots. Make sure to hit all targets and kill the 2 tanks to pass.

The Danger Pit[]

The Danger Pit.jpg Bounsplode is introduced. Bounsplode shoots a bouncing projectile that explodes on every bounce, dealing damage if it falls on a tank. With the bumpers blocking off the edges of the pit, this mission should be easy to complete.

New Heights[]

New Heights.jpg More targets and a bot. However, the player has unlimited shots, meaning it is more important to take out the bot than to aim for the targets first. Note: bots cannot hit targets for you, so don't hope for that kind of thing to happen.

Roller Derby[]

Roller Derby.jpg Roller is introduced. Rollers are shots that cruise across the terrain for a bit, allowing hits on some misses or hitting people hiding behind walls. A simple 100 power and 4 ticks from 90 degrees should get the 2 tanks.


Barrage.jpg Yet another bot battle. This battle is set to team fire, which has all 4 bots fire at you at the same time, hence the mission name. Because bots might end up overshooting their target, they will end up damaging each other, allowing a somewhat easy win in this mission.


Zagging.jpg This mission requires a lot of trial and error, unless the player looks at the comprehensive guide on steam. If not, make sure to shoot at 100 power, else the shot will not make it to all 4 targets. Smartsnipe makes this mission a cakewalk because of the tracers it fires, effectively increasing 1 projectile to 10.

Da Boss[]

Da Boss.jpg The second boss battle. This boss is higher leveled than the one found in the first chapter, meaning it has more weapons at its disposal and a somewhat higher accuracy. Nevertheless, proceed like before.


Deftly.jpg This is one of those tricky bumper missions. 2 shots and 2 bumpers mean the player needs to land every shot. Lots of trial and error is required.